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Our Girls

Windmere's Mocha Cheno ABC 3950

f.6-12-2010. Sire: *Apache Fox ABC 2956 Dam: *Col's Windmere ABC 616

This incredible foundation bred ABC mare comes from the Messner Ranch in Colorado and has a "gentle giant" spirit and loves her humans so very sweetly. She brings not only the endearing disposition that we strive for in our breeding stock, but a full foundation bred pedigree, exquisite color, minimal curl pattern, and plenty of solid conformation and size!  Mocha is doing well with saddle training and is starting to go off on trail.  She is an eager learner and has been such a pleasure to work with.

Floralake's Mispirit Jade ABC S761

f. 3-29-2013. Sire: TO Shadow's Black Diamond ABC 3641, CSI C00609-06 ~ Dam: Mead's Spirit Lake Grulla ABC 2694

Jade is a Straight ABC mare that is daughter to FloraLake Curlies in Ontario champion dressage stallion, and possesses bold movement as well as great beauty. Jade has a thick coat with a double mane. She is athletic and a joy to watch moving across the field.

Stag Creek's Autry Rose ABC S786


f. September 26, 2016.  Sire: *Stag Creek Solen ABC 4075  Dam: Floralake MiSpirit Jade ABC S761

Stag Creek Autry Rose is an absolutely adorable filly! This dreamy palomino foalie is an outstanding example of foundation bloodline breedings. Autry Rose has a very thick coat with lots of waves, but is actually a straight coated Curly. We can expect lots of great things from this cross between Solen and Jade, and fetlock curl, a thick mane, and a friendly disposition are just some of them!